• Process for Personalized aesthetic medicine, skin care and dietary supplement with monitor skin conditions and health changes

  • Personalized system and formulation

  • Specialized Anti-aging component (targeted ethnicity)

PERBETE individually crafts Personalized Skincare based on your Skin Information “skin type, age, preferences, identity, ethnicity, gender, the strength you would like to use, the weather conditions you live in, any allergies or other concerns you may have regarding health issues, and the beauty functions most important to you.” The information technology end of PERBETE makes tackling all these issues very quick and streamlined, while still being focused, and on-point.


PERBETE’s tech scheme monitors possible skin changes every 3 months or earlier to ensure that customized formulas are adjusted to fit your skin and slow down the aging process.


PERBETE founder, JAEMIN LEE put his vast chemical knowledge and experience as a medical researcher for (skin) cancer and carcinoma pharmaceuticals into practice and began by creating useful customized hypo-allergic products for his friends and family. He never dreamt of getting into the cosmetic industry. However, a close friend of Jaemin was diagnosed with skin cancer, which made her very allergic to almost all of the skincare products that were available in markets. The few that seemed to be fit for her were far too expensive. It was then that Lee decided to make personalized skin care for his friend, but despite his vast knowledge and experience, it took him up to three years before he was successful.

While he was making the skin care product for his friend, Jaemin realized that many customers were (and still are) vastly ignorant about the composition of ingredients in modern skin care products. Consumers are mostly confused about what products to use, being vulnerable to expensive marketing campaigns and outrageously high prices.


  • Establishment of first skincare company (2016)
  • Establishment of second (personalized) skincare company (2018)
  • Project: Cruelty-free enzyme treated Luwak coffee project (2014 – 2016)
  • Research Cancer treatment project (2015 – 2016)
  • Research Diabetes treatment project (2010 – 2012)
  • Market Investing Background (2007 to date)
  • Certifications: Chemical Hygiene, Radiation Awareness & Safety, Cryogenic Liquids, High Magnetic Field Safety &, etc.

At PERBETE we care about your health and do not use harmful ingredients. We refrain from using banned ingredients.

  • we are proud to say that none of our products contain any of the following:
  • We do not test on animal. What is important to you, is essential to us.