Skin Differ Widely Between Ethnic Identities

Ethnic Identities can detect your aging process.

Transepidermal water loss means the evaporation loss of water from inside our body through the epidermis to outside. Transepidermal water losses Differ Widely Between Race (Ethnic Identities). Transepidermal water loss can seriously speed up the aging process. Today information technology can detect your aging process  by RACE (ETHINIC IDENTITIES).

Caring for Skin from Different Ethnic Identities

Facial Moist LevelHow easily Loss Water
Caucasian skinMediumLess loss water
Asian skinHighVery Easily loss water
Dark skinLowEasily loss water

  • Caucasian skin Type

Caucasian skin tends to loss less amount of water by external environmental factors, such as hot weather or when exercising. but caucasian skin cells do not hold enough water in general compare to Asian. In other words, caucasian may be aware of faster aging process in general.

How to prevent aging process:

To prevent dehydration, apply a luxury moisturizer Day cream with SPF 15 to your neck and face in the day and evening after wash your face. You may want to use toner or mist right after washing your face.

  • Asian Skin Type

You may wonder why Asian aging process are slower?

why asian aging process slower than other race?

Asian skin tends to loss water very easily by external environmental factors. but Asian epidermal cells mostly hold enough water if external environmental factors (hot/dehydration) are not harsh.

How to prevent aging process:

Asian skin is very sensitive to heat. Many people think that drinking enough water is way to prevent dehydration on face and neck area, but it is very not true. Face and neck are always expose on sun compare to other area, so it is very good idea to bring travel sized mist when you going out during day time. You can apply mist every 1 or 2 hours depending on your need. Also you should use Day cream with sunblock (SPF 15) in the morning.

  • Dark Skin Type

Dark skin (African-American / Black) tends to loss water very easily by external environmental factors. At the same time,  their epidermal cells mostly do not hold enough water if external environmental factors are harsh. Their skin may need extra care depending on environment they live in.

How to prevent aging process:

It’s very recommend to  use Day cream with sunblock (SPF 18+) and luxury Night Cream (moisturizer). If your location is hot and/or dehydrated, then please consider to bring mini sized Mist when you go out. You may want to spray mist every 1 or 2 hours around your face and neck.

  • Information Technology can Solve your Skin concerns 

Genetic information is inherited and was already decided who you are before you born. But Don’t worry!! genetic information is just one out of million factors for aging process. You can avoid and/or slow down aging process if you adopt information technology. What information technology does is individually investigate your concerns and it can help you to avoid anything might trigger aging process and skin troubles. Information technology can predicts your aging process to prevent future concerns. Information technology selects specific nutrients, vitamins and ingredients for individual needs.

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